“Doctor” Paul Kengor Don’t Get Out Much

a man walks by the barn and sees this little boy in this room filled with manure? And he’s [the boy] standing there and he’s digging, and he’s digging, and he’s digging. And the man says, ‘Son, what are you doing up to your hips in manure with that little shovel?’ The boy says, ‘Well, with this much manure around, there’s got to be a pony—and I’m going to find it.” Hillary Clinton

reagan-god-and-cover.jpg Reagan biographer “Doctor” Paul Kengor is super impressed.

“Mrs. Clinton’s use of that anecdote is the first time I’ve heard it from a public figure since Ronald Reagan.”

Which is sadder – that Hilary Clinton is now channeling Ronald Reagan’s use of this beloved chestnut, or that hapless Reagan biographers haven’t seen these lines used since the Age of Teflon?
The pony metaphor most famously metastasised post-Reagan in a thoughtful appreciation for the good things that came from slavery.

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