Gerry Ford: The Heroic Years

Ahoy, Sailor! ford-monterey-painiting.jpg

An action painting depicting the near sinking of future President Gerald Ford’s World War II ship has been unveiled near his final home in Rancho Mirage California.

A Pacific Ocean typhoon caused fires aboard Ford’s ship the USS Monterey. Ford led efforts to douse the flames below decks, presumibly with his “lantern jaw of a young Johnny Weissmuller.”

The Ford painting is on display in a Palm Desert California gallery which also features thoughtful alternatives to

lawn jockeys. ford-bat-boy.jpg

Artist Stan Stokes doesn’t only look to Ford’s past. He’s already donated a painting of the USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier to the Ford Library, all the more impressive since the troubled ship has yet to launch. ford-ford-aircraft-carier.jpg


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