What Reagan Did For Posterity

He Certainly Looks Comfortable! reagan-1980-inaugural-medal.JPG

Numismatic News provides a thorough if meandering round-up of past, present and prospective Ronald Reagan coins.

In the course of wandering from our old friend Grover Norquist’s Reagan Naming Mania to the FDR Memorial to the sad saga of the Reagan Ten Dollar Bill bill, the highlight is the length Reagan was willing to go for a pretty coin.

“A little known sidelight about Reagan is his devotion to medallic art. When it came time for his presidential inaugural medal to be produced, his is one of the few that is a virtual straight-on portrait (one of the most difficult to produce) – its success assured by his willingness to sit for a life mask (a process involving breathing through straws into the nostrils, while fresh plaster is poured over the face).”

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