Nixon Finds A Friend

Why The Nixon? prager-why-the-jews.jpg

Fresh from hobnobbing with the Burmese junta, conservative talk radio titan and Jew-On-The-Go Dennis Prager takes his act to the Nixon Library out buildings today.

nixon-choose-the-nixon-library.jpg We are told that everything changed, that the Nixon Library has been stripped of it’s discredited Watergate exhibit, that steady historian hands are in charge now. Their writ may not run to the Nixon”East Room” where Prager will hold forth. nixon-east-room-with-skylight.jpg It’s vast whale of space attached to the Library and rent-able for your function, like the White House East Room if it had skylights and an enormous Presidential seal slapped on the floor.

The Nixon Library is open enough to drive away Jewish events in recent years, but Prager is the sort to remember Nixon as the first President to visit Israel, rather than the anti-Semite the Nixon archives reveal.

Prager has his own troubles with religious minorities. His crusade against first-in-the-nation Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison using a Koran for swearing-in staging was widely mocked. Prager’s bible thumping [“America, Not Keith Ellison, decides what book a congressman takes his oath on“] invented a rule which didn’t exist, and when he got called on it claimed he was being persecuted.

Prager is a Bush appointee on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, which distanced itself from him in the controversy.

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