Lost Leaders

Loser davis-loan.jpg

Your Washington Times continues to perform magnificently as the daily diary of the Confederate Dream. Their latest is an esquisitly detailed roundup on all the festivities unfolding in this, the Jefferson Davis Bicentennial Year.

The creepy efforts to ape real President’s commemorations will be at full force in 2008. There appear to be at least two reenactments of Davis’s swearing in as secessionist President, and strained efforts to tie Davis to Black History Month have been presented with a straight face. The festive schedule will climax with the the reopening of the Davis Beauvoir home in Gulfport Mississippi, the “Mount Vernon of the Confederacy.”

katrina.jpg Beauvoir was largely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina,

proving there is a God. davis-wrecked.jpg

The neighboring Davis “Presidential Library” was flattened. davis-library.jpg

Its all being rebuilt at a cost of $20 million, provided in part by serial bankrupt Donald Trump and the federal government, over the objections of the NAACP.

But for all this, the first Davis oath reenactment attracted a few hundred. The post-Katrina relaunch of Beauvoir was so sparsely attended they used odd cropping to hide the size of the crowd. davis-dedication-side.jpg

The Lost Cause appears to be getting loster.

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