Ever Forward!

Too Soon To Tell gonzales-bush.jpg

Departed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales spoke in Washington University St. Louis recently, doing his part for Operation Take Comfort, the Bush Administration’s full bore effort to pre-Trumanize themselves as they head for the exits.

National Treasure Al Kamen
spotted it for the Washington Post.

Despite much University self congratulation about how civil and thoughtfully discussive it all was, the event had some odd notes. The Ex Ag was paid $30,000 out of student fees, but for some reason recording was not permitted, so all we have to go on is Gonzo’s prepared text.

gonzales-wide.jpg Along with his insight that “life is not a classroom,” the kids were favored with Gonzales’s stylings on that hack self-apology defense of the indefensible, Teddy Roosevelt’s “Man In The Arena.”

And just how did his face get marred as he strove valiantly?

…standing in the President’s private office in the White House residence as the President executes a document you helped prepare . . . a paper historians will study.

Unclear if presenting the torture papers to President Bush was the proud and positive moment in question.

No matter. Gonzo looks ahead!

“We know the first drafts of history’s manuscripts are often inaccurate or incomplete, and eventually discarded. “

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