The Magnificent Georgian*

“Surprisingly, there aren’t that many museums or monuments to Stalin anymore.” stalin-carpet.jpg

From Carpetblogger comes a report on a visit to Stalin’s hometown and the local museum, the highlight of which from her account appears to be the ticket stamps. stalin-home-stamped.jpg

“Built just after his death in 1953, it’s a typical Soviet-style museum, in which a bunch of uncurated, unanalyzed crap — newspaper articles and photos and random memorabilia — is thrown up on the wall (“unanalyzed” is probably the kindest criticism of this museum. It’s a lot like the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California in that sense).”

Our gal is a serial offender on Uncle Joe, having previously filed on the memorialization of Stalin’s sojourn in Batumi.

Hottie“? stalin-at-the-batumi-station.jpg


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