New Nixon Not

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Time to vote at the Wynn Las Vegas, and casino worker/reluctant Hillary Clinton supporter Don Harris told the Washington Post what his problem with her was:

“I just don’t know how many hours she spends in the Wal-Mart boardroom.”

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Clinton has been endlessly analogized to Nixon. Smart but charmless, not a natural politician but works hard. The problem is that while Nixon voters could at least comfort themselves that he would smite their enemies, potential Clinton supporters have no such assurances. At least Nixon was against the damn hippies. Hillary Clinton wants to “dialogue” with the worst her nominal opponents cough up.

Witness the debate on health.

There’s been some competition among Democratic candidates for who can better curse corporations while devising a health plan for the campaign. John Edwards has gotten some mileage mocking Barack Obama’s vision of a “big table” with Obama as Lyndon Johnson saying “Come let us reason together.”

On this one Obama is in full Git R’ Done,DC Edition mode:

“The key to getting this done is to empower the American people, but you also have to have negotiations and you have to be able to listen. Otherwise, stuff is not going to happen….The notion that they will have no say so at all, is just not realistic.

Hall Monitor Paul Krugman says Hillary Clinton’s health plan clinton-h-2008-health-care.jpg is an Edwards me-to, but doesn’t let her off probation.

And rightly so. Early January saw the Clinton Library as venue for the who-could-be-against-itly named Better Health Care Together, sponsored by old Hillary pals Wal-Mart. For some reason the event is not mentioned on the Clinton Foundation website.

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