“Richard Nixon’s visits seared into York countians’ minds”

Yikes! Hard to outdo that headline.

Fortunately the York Town Square story doesn’t try.

All politics may be local, but local history often tries too hard to rope in stray connections with historic figures.

Those Nixon mentions in full:

“The Menges Mills Market is a throwback to old York County. There, customers can still buy fresh, custom-cut meat. The market has also played host to a famous customer – Richard Nixon.”

“York countians long remember Richard M. Nixon’s visits here.”

“It even had a famous patron. President Richard Nixon stopped in the store while he was visiting his parents who lived a half mile from the store on a farm on Old Hanover Road.

Sterling eventually bought the 350 acres that Frank and Hannah Nixon lived on and farmed corn, soy beans, wheat and hay”

….and a link to another rip-roaring Nixon tale, this one involving a park near York named for him. nixon-woods.jpg With a classic Mr Comfortable walks in the woods picture.

What might be seared into the memory of townspeople is recalling their eccentric left-wing newspaper editor. J.W. Gitt.

Gitt edited the York Gazette & Daily, the predecessor of the blog’s parent newspaper. Gitt’s was the only commercial newspaper in America to endorse Henry Wallace york-gazette-and-daily-henry-wallace.jpg in 1948, and survived an onslaught from 50s Redhunters.

Just the novelty of seeing classic cliched editorial cartoons,


but with left wing content, is illuminating.

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