Hype Your Reality

Nixon ’08 nixon-langella-frost-nixon.jpg

All I know about Richard Nixon’s exile comes from stories and pictures of the demolition of his Saddle River New Jersey house.

From that slim base of knowledge, I have to say that the photo released flogging the upcoming “Frost/Nixon” film does seem to capture the crummy dreariness of Nixon’s home, before the mold.

And Nixon wasn’t even living there when he taped the interviews.

nixon-saddle-river-tv-floor.jpg The odd shaped rooms, nixon-saddle-river-rot.jpg

the pointlessly complicated lighting fixtures. nixon-saddle-river-demo-dining-room.jpg

Complicating the film’s promotion for the expected 2008 release may be this site. Wait till the Nixon and Frost profiles appear and hit “click here to watch.” Enjoy the show!

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