Nixon Man


Can we blame Richard Nixon for Pakistani Strongman Pervez Musharraf’s weekend coup?

nixon-fist.jpg musharaff-fist.jpg

Agence France-Presse reports his passion for Nixon. The General’s own web site asks”What book have you read recently and really enjoyed?” His answer: “‘Leaders’ by Richard Nixon.” Musharaff made sure to tell a 2005 interviewer that he had thanked Henry Kissinger that year in New York for his and Nixon’s “very good role” in 1971. That was when the Pakistani Army massacred as many as 3 million people in East Bengal with the silence and covert aid of the Nixon Administration.

Musharaff also shares his role model’s penchant for mysterious real estate holdings.

We’ll see how the State of Siege goes for our man in Pakistan. He’s kept his calendar clear for November.

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