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bush-fox-news-sunday.jpg Digging deep

Chris Wallace is shaking things up at Fox News Sunday, launching a cutting edge new interview series called “American Leaders.”

Let Chris explain:

“we want to expand the conversation on Sunday talk shows to reach beyond the Beltway and hear from some of the most compelling voices in business, culture and religion.”

But they could get George Bush [41].

fox_news_sunday.png Reaching all the way to College Station, Texas, where the senior President Bush is flogging the triumphant reopening of his Presidential Library.

A sampling of the Wallace fact seeking juggernaut in action:

“Where do you and your family — where did you get this commitment to public service?”

And as grandpa or poppy — what are you?

Volunteerism has had quite some staying power in the last 20 years, hasn’t it?

Great to see the hard hitting style he showed in his Nancy Reagan take-down hasn’t dulled.


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