Fantasy Island


It was like old times for Representative Duncan Hunter at the Orlando Republican Presidential debate.

Specifically 1961. cuba-playa-giron-stamps.jpg

While most of the GOP candidates are content to bask in the warm glow of Ronald Reagan single-handedly toppling the Berlin Wall, Hunter has other roll back campaigns in mind. He’s going after Fidel! cuba-castro-playa-giron.jpg

Or at least making the claim that Kennedy sold out the Bay of Pigs []Playa Giron] invasion, launching the lily-livered “Democrat” party of today.

A bold statement considering who held office castro-nixon.jpgwhen Castro came to power, and which administration cooked up the invasion. [The hearty endorsement of our death-squad allies in El Salvador is also refreshing]

“This is a historic venue.(APPLAUSE)

You know, 300 miles off this coast is a place where another party, once a great party, the Democrat Party, lost its identity. And that’s when, in 1961, the Cuban freedom fighters were struggling with a toehold on the beach, trying to take back Cuba from Castro and a Democrat president with an aircraft carrier sitting a few miles offshore said we will not help the freedom fighters.

And a thousand miles away from there is El Salvador, where a Republican president, Ronald Reagan, hung tough, brought freedom to El Salvador.

HUNTER: And you know something? Today, they are fighting side by side with our guys in Iraq.


We’re the party of freedom.”

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