We’ll Believe It When We See The Fred Malek Jew Counting* Exhibit

naftali-tieless.jpg Nifty Naftali

The impossible takes a little longer at the Nixon Library.

New Director Timothy Naftali is still winded and a little dusty from single handedly removing the old, bad, inaccurate Watergate exhibit nixon-watergate-exhibit.jpgat the Nixon Library, Museum, Birthplace and Grave.

But he found the strength to congratulate himself for booking Watergate Hero-Reporter Carl Bernstein, book touring with his Hillary Clinton biography:

I was told when I got here it couldn’t be done

The Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register followed Bernstein around the grounds nixon-bernstein-library.jpgto the Nixon birthplace home nixon-grave-birthplace.gif, but if he paused at the the nearby grave it went unreported.

*Let’s review…

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