College Stationary Objects

As the countdown to the Bush Library reopening approaches it’s thundering conclusion, KBTX reporter Steve Fullhart delves deep into the mechanics of librarianship. The Bush has been down for mural installation, to install snappier exhibit technology and to avoid unfortunate comparisons with the Reagan. The Bush Air Force One office replica bush-air-force-one-offiice.jpglooks a little sad compared to an actual Air Force One at Simi Valley. Replacing the Air Force One office will be a White House situation room replica.

Visitors also will now also enjoy “an interactive presentation on the decisions leading to the first Gulf War.

Gosh! Will they go this far reagan-rumsfeld-saddam.jpg back?

And since it’s only the “leading to,” no opportunity to 2nd guess not taking Baghdad!

oval-bush-leaning.jpg The Bush Library is caving after bravely holding out and not having an Oval Office replica. Putting on a brave face, they boast that

“The Bush Museum will also present the only Oval Office exhibit that allows visitors to sit in the “seat of power” and have their photo taken behind the President’s desk.”

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