Bush Library Breaks Ground!

Err, not that one.

bushexterior.jpgThis would be the Bush Legacy Library, part of the University of New England’s George and Barbara Bush Center. They broke ground today on a building which will commemorate the First Bush’s many Maine vacations while addressing student snacking needs.

The memorabilia displayed will be on loan from the real Bush Senior library in College Station

The entity appears to have begun life as a far grander George and Barbara Bush Cultural Center:

for the George and Barbara Bush Cultural Center

Plato addressed his students from the Academy, the most famous school in the classical world. President Theodore Roosevelt built the West Wing of the White House especially for high-level cabinet meetings. The New York Philharmonic began performing in the Apollo Rooms of lower Manhattan, but moved to Carnegie Hall, then the Lincoln Center as its prominence and popularity grew.

Great ideas, powerful conversations and brilliant performances need inspiring spaces to nurture and showcase them.”

bushhall.gif It was gonna be something!

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