Left Behind: The Flashback

A cry for help.

Thanks to the smarty pants at slacktivist I’ve become aware of a Presidential Yacht reference in the beloved “left Behind” series:

“Carolyn Miller is upset by her husband’s death, but she takes a moment first to remind Buck of when they first met, “on the presidential yacht two summers ago.” Buck had forgotten this, but I suppose all these women from presidential yachts and presidential hotel rooms can start to blur together after a while.”

It just sings, don’t it? I love it when characters take the time to fill each other in on their common past. As the novel teaches us, “when people disappear, some rules go out the window.”

I haven’t read the series, and don’t plan to, but it’s my understanding that it’s set in the near future, or at least a universe not drastically different from our own ‘cept for all the rapturing left-behind-floaters.jpg and blood orgies.left-behind-screamers.jpg

In a further rectification of god smacked culture, this Carolyn Miller character morphes from two references in the novel to a screen credited role in one film of the series. left-behind-poster.jpg

left-behind-steen.jpg “Carolyn Miller,” shootist.


Can anyone fill me in on yacht girl’s evolution?

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