Donor Fatigue

clintons-dedication.jpg Damp but determined.

Any opportunity to mention Bill Clinton singer/donor Denise Rich is a great day. But before we get all excited about Hillary Clinton and Clinton Library donors, lets recall where we are on Presidential Library disclosure.

Bill Clinton has spoken, and correctly pointed out that his Arab money is entitled to the same secrecy under current law as that of the former and current Presidents Bush.

Nothing is happening in the Senate on the disclosure bill, and a companion bill to overturn President George Bush’s secrecy in perpetuity executive order has been stalled by an apparently random Republican Senator from Kentucky.

And since when has Washington been squeamish about dubious money and it’s holders? Wave upon wave of baby showers have been organized recently by Washington wives and women with real jobs for the wife of the Ambassador of Kuwait, proud representative of their Filipino maid-raping homeland.

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