Eisenhower to Obama: the Scarlet Thread

The Long Courtship eisenhower-khrushchev.jpg

eisenhower-i-still-like-ike.jpg Ike’s Republican granddaughter has endorsed Barack Obama.

Susan Eisenhower got placed on the Washington Post op-ed page on a Saturday, and one suspects it will be portrayed as lacking the torchlight passing magic of the Caroline n’ Ted event last week.

Unmentioned is her husband Roald Sagdeev, Russian scientist and hero-of-socialist-labor.jpg Hero of Socialist Labor.

Three Million Reasons Why


The tiresome whiners at Judicial Watch receive breathless coverage in the right wing blogosphere for their Hillary Clinton papers pursuit. But facts occasionally shed light on just how strained their effort is.

The National Archives is asking a judge to make Judicial Watch wait it’s turn. Freedom of Information Act requests to the Presidential Libraries are handled as they come in, first come first served. The Watchers are considerably back in the pack, and they are pigs.

Archives sneers:

“At an estimated three million pages, the size and scope of Judicial Watch’s present FOIA request makes it the largest FOIA request that the Clinton presidential library has received to date…Further, the request is greater than any FOIA request ever received to date at any of the presidential record act libraries.

Anybody But Nixon

Before It’s Too Late nixon-grandson-christopher-nixon-cox.jpg

Just when we are shedding the Bushes and cracks appear in the His ‘n Her Presidencies juggernaut, a new dynastic threat looms.

It may take swallowing a second generation of Romney, but it’s a price worth paying to strangle this political career in it’s cradle.

When the New York Times asked Nixon’s Grandson about his future, Christopher Nixon Cox brings the coy:

“When asked if he would ever consider running for public office, Mr. Cox sidestepped a bit. “For me, the key is to serve my country and my community in whatever way I can,” he said. “It can’t be about ego. It has to be about using my talents to serve the country in the best way I can. Right now, that means working for John McCain.”

You have been warned.

Fast Eddie

Now More Than Ever Forever! nixon-tricia-mccain.jpg

We now know that Tricia Nixon’s Iowa Mccain appearance was only the scene setter in the Nixon Cox family’s new adventures in politics.

nixon-ed-cox.jpg Tricia’s husband Ed Cox had previously roused from his thirty year slumber to flirt with challenging Hillary Clinton for Senate, only to retreat. This time they are all in.

Cox is McCain’s New York State Chair, and son Christoper Nixon Cox, nixon-christopher-nixon-cox-nina-khrushcheva.gif Richard Nixon’s first grandson, is state campaign Executive Director.

The familiar rituals of resume inflation are beginning. Buffalo Business First reports that Eddie “served under three U.S. Presidents.” but even his law firm biography claims only his father in law and something a fair distance from Reagan’s side:

“He served former President Nixon in the international arena and was general counsel to a major energy agency which financed synthetic fuels projects under President Reagan.”

And Reagan killed the Synthetic Fuels Corporation.


My Prayer to Oliver Stone

Ill-starred Presidential filmmaker Oliver Stone now threatens a George Bush biopic, with a leading man offering all the “same drive and charisma that Americans identify with Bush.”

jfk-flim-poster.jpg Stone’s “JFK” was an incoherent mash-up of as many conspiracy theories as sleepy Kevin Costner could carry, and “Nixon” was just dull. nixon-poster.jpg

My personal hope is that Stone’s Bush takes a flashback to the Reagan/Bush 80s and 90s, and somehow finally explains what the hell Jim Belushi’s “Doctor Rock” character was doing in Salvador. salvador-belushi.jpg

“Stone Says I’ve Got It” bush-mlk-day.jpg

Bush marks MLK Day.