Fast Eddie

Now More Than Ever Forever! nixon-tricia-mccain.jpg

We now know that Tricia Nixon’s Iowa Mccain appearance was only the scene setter in the Nixon Cox family’s new adventures in politics.

nixon-ed-cox.jpg Tricia’s husband Ed Cox had previously roused from his thirty year slumber to flirt with challenging Hillary Clinton for Senate, only to retreat. This time they are all in.

Cox is McCain’s New York State Chair, and son Christoper Nixon Cox, nixon-christopher-nixon-cox-nina-khrushcheva.gif Richard Nixon’s first grandson, is state campaign Executive Director.

The familiar rituals of resume inflation are beginning. Buffalo Business First reports that Eddie “served under three U.S. Presidents.” but even his law firm biography claims only his father in law and something a fair distance from Reagan’s side:

“He served former President Nixon in the international arena and was general counsel to a major energy agency which financed synthetic fuels projects under President Reagan.”

And Reagan killed the Synthetic Fuels Corporation.


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