From the Land of Myth

Boyhood Home Revealed! washington-ferry-farm-home-illustration.jpg

Excitement reins at Ferry Farm, scene of George Washington cannoting to tell a lie washington-tree-grant-wood.gif and other legends. An archaeological dig has revealed the foundations of what is thought to be his childhood home.

The Ferry Farm drawing bares a remarkable resemblance to the house built near Washington’s birthplace in the early 20th Century. washington-home-repo.jpg That house was built on a site misidentified by Washington’s adopted son, George Washington Custis.

Telltale Ferry Farm remnants include a masonic pipe and a type of gem often traded from India to West Africa, and presumably brought to Virginia through some path coming out of the slave trade.

You can go back to near the birth of the Father of Our Country, but you can’t escape Original Sin!

Looking Presidential

Craggy! clinton-h-mt-rushmore.jpg

South Dakota’s favorite sons look down on an aspirant.

Crapo History

Propaganda of the Losers captain-america-just-like-that.jpg

Meet Mike Crapo. He’s Idaho’s “other” senator, the one who isn’t Larry Craig.

Crapo & Some Guy crapo-craig.jpg

Mike wants you to visit our nation’s capitol, but for a guy from the Rocky Mountain West he seems awfully interested in steering you to Confederate tourist spots.

crapo-silver-mouse.jpg Crapo’s “Silver Mouse Award” winning Senate website alerts interested visitors that the capitol area is alive with history, mostly in the form of dead white men’s houses.

“Four of the first five U.S. presidents made Virginia their home. Within a few hours’ drive of Washington, DC, you can visit several homes and sites that were significant in the lives of George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and other founding Fathers. You will find information below on Presidential homes as well as other historic homes that may be of interest.”

Crapo’s tour begins with Arlington House, the Custis-Lee Mansion smack dab in the middle of Arlington National Cemetary. Readers are thoughtfully informed that here Robert E. Lee wrote his tear-stained resignation from the US Army, but no tales of his war adventures, or how come all those bodies ended up in the front yard.

The Crapo crusaders find space to point to Lee’s birthplace, hours away from Washington, but miss out on the Lee Fendall House in nearby Alexandria, perhaps tainted by it’s past ownership by Mineworkers leader John L. Lewis.


Wright Wing Wonder

Fair, Balanced, And Without Clue fox-news-special-presentation.JPG

Fox News has rushed to embrace all things Founding Father-ish, proudly affirming it’s own targeting alongside the great dead whites by beloved Chicago minister Jeremiah Wright.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Wright’s speech at a weekend funeral, and it was noteworthy for stating the smokin’ hot non-controversial obvious.

“… while Wright made no mention of terrorism, he did revisit the topic of America’s mistreatment of blacks, saying America’s founding fathers “planted slavery and white supremacy in the DNA of this republic,” and adding that Thomas Jefferson wrote, “ ‘God would punish America for the sin of slavery.’ I guess that makes Thomas Jefferson unpatriotic,” he said to the cheers of the congregation.”

fox-and-friends-graphic.png Fox rushed to proudly associate itself with the First Slavers.

“Rev. Jeremiah Wright told a congregation in Norfolk, Va., on Sunday that reporters sneaked into a private funeral service a day before, in which he blasted America’s founding fathers for slavery and white supremacy and received standing ovations for attacking FOX News for covering his anti-American sermons.”

This is a very old discussion.

For revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.” douglas-frederick.jpg

Easter Parade

Game Face bush-bunny.jpg

Yet another holiday is wholly incorporated into the universal White House calendar.

The Clinton Library glommed onto the White House Easter Egg Roll, but holding it’s event a week earlier.

clinton-library-easter.jpg Giving us the disturbing image of Presidential Heads on Sticks.

But Clinton is merely following the proud tradition of other past Presidents who can’t let go of that

South Lawn feeling. bush-library-1999-eggs.jpg

In Crawford a “Western White House Easter Egg Roll” bush-banner-western-white-house-easter-egg-roll.jpg appropriating the event name appears to be a Bush fan effort, gathering tough Texans indoors this year and last.

Today’s actual event at the White House featured, as always in recent years. the most pointless of a pointless category:

Washington Nationals Giant Headed Presidential Mascots! bush-easter-presidential-heads.jpg