George W. Bush On Message Discipline

 Straight Poop

George W. Bush made his world-changing motivational speaker debut in Ft. Worth this week, and he went with the tested material.

How to rouse the Texas throng while auditioning for future speaking gigs?

Turd jokes never fail!

Bush wowed ’em with tales of cleaning up after his dog, showing that former Presidents are just like us. The Washington Post watched the relatableness unfold in real time:

He is just a normal guy! He wasn’t the best speaker. But I was happy to see him!” said Lubbock salesman Patrick Kruger, 50.”

 George W. Bush

Bush’s fascinating pet sanitation anecdote saw light in March, when he tried it first outside the country in Canada.

Next to China, where April saw the former chief executive talking shit at the Former U.S. President George. W. Bush said Saturday that East Asia is playing a bigger role in global economy, and the world economic center has moved from Atlantic to Asia Pacific. Boao Forum.

A May high school graduation provided the first domestic audience to enjoy Bush’s scatological stylings, and Vanity Fair expressed concern that the ex-president was repeating himself.

Bush defied the glossy monthly, regaling Michigan business leaders with dog stories in late May, and again in Toronto.
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