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Reagan: The Road To Victory  October Surprise

Grizzled Reagan era schemer [and Iraq War facilitator] Michael Ledeen has offered his insights into Iran’s release of  journalist and former North Plains beauty pageant winner Roxana Saber.

Ledeen says those Teheran rug merchants are always dealing.

anyone familiar with the workings of the Islamic Republic has to assume that there was a payoff

The Economist calls attention to an interesting response from one of Andrew Sullivan’s readers.

…he insists there were no exceptions; Iran never gave up hostages without getting something in return.   This is in obvious contrast to the mythology that the right has built up that Iran was afraid of Reagan; it is not inconsistent with speculation of an October Surprise that has been part of conspiracy theories on the left.

Tell us, Mr. Ledeen, what was that something that Reagan gave Iran in 1979/80?


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