Eisenhower: Soldiering On, & On

Ike-Like?  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_FlJJWrUAIPs/SAy4tftm1VI/AAAAAAAAAm8/DmkrQZxJesI/s400/2006_08_22+The+Bean+Millenium+Park+Chicago,+2.JPG

As the nation struggles to comprehend the prospect of George W. Bush’s Wal-Mart Super Center sized “Presidential Library,” perhaps the last of its kind, a new front opens in America’s epic struggle to spend millions memorializing old pharaohs.

An Eisenhower memorial plaza in Washington DC is expected to cost $90 to $120 million!

It’s to be located across from the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, commemorating the President the Russians beat into space.  sputnikstamp.jpg

Bush’s father’s Library only cost $83 million, and it has walls and the beloved dancing palominos. bush-horses.jpg

The Ike plaza to be designed by quirky starchitect Frank Geary, whose famed misshapen blobs scar landscapes worldwide.

It’s not like Washington is starved for Eisenhower-named things.  He already has the Eisenhower Theater at the Kennedy Center, and the vast Executive Office Building is named for him.

Insufficiently Ike-ish?  Eisenhower Executive Office Building


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