Bush’s Commerce Pause

A Stretch  norris-chuck-action-jeans.jpg

The Houston Press’s Richard Connelly directs our gaze to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library, where the Living Legend ex-president prepares to honor one of our nation’s heroes.

Bush is to present the super-swanky “McLane Leadership in Business Award” to the ever rugged Chuck Norris.

Just what contributions  Mr. Norris made to commerce is unclear in the press release, but he has recently floated his possible candidacy for “President of Texas.”

And who needs an excuse to slap up an Invasion USA poster, with the chopper-menaced* Capitol Dome! invasion-usa-chuck-norris.jpg*Not seen in actual film!

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    […] Bush Library has apparently recovered from Chuck Norris’s stirring “McLane Leadership in Business Award” […]

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