George W. Bush To Study War No More

Silent Service

The mischievous youngsters at point out that War Time President George W. Bush hasn’t a single mention of Iraq in his Library biography, this in the wake of mysterious Library gnomes letting it be known that Iraq was off the table.

The president’s advisers are still chewing over what topics to emphasize. Iraq is unlikely to be one of them.”

This fits in with Bush’s conduct throughout the war – blowing off the 9/11 warning,  cracking wise about his own invented Iraq nuke claims, and the famous pledge to not golf till the boys come home.

The usefulness or accuracy of any Bush Iraq presentation might be questionable.  On one domestic crisis that comes to mind, Bush Foundation President Mark Langdale is already taking what might be called the Jindal-ian line, blaming some “government” of unknown nature for a famous Bush disaster.

There’s an interesting lesson about Katrina and the limitations of government assistance to respond to big natural disasters…They are acts of God, and they are tough. It’s definitely a story line I would not shy away from addressing somehow in the museum.”

But it won’t all be stern lessons.  Bush is already assuring SMU coeds that the Library “should be a really cool place.”

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