George W. Bush, Test Pilot

Nothing Says Policy Like Something From Our Oven  turkey.jpg

The George W. Bush Presidential Library shock and awe media tour continues, with Politico the latest recipient of  access to the former President’s minions.  There we learn that the Definitely-Not-To-Be-Named-Freedom Institute attached to the Library will be so much more than the usual presidential scholar holding tank.

In the Bush Institute’s search for something to do, the latest scheme floated is for it to become the George W. Bush Test Kitchen, “to run demonstration tests or pilot projects based on ideas generated from there. ”

George W. Bush Foundation President Mark Langdale explains its thrust into the future:

“That’s a little bit different than what other presidential libraries have done, and it’s a little bit different than defending the record…By the time the Institute is focusing on a problem, there’ll be new information and new perspectives shaping the policy debate, beyond what happened in the Bush administration.”

Why-ever we should turn for fresh ideas to these has-bins is unclear.

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