FDR’s Suite Life

Destiny In Trunks           Franklin D. Roosevelt posed for a picture with the class of 1904 at Nantasket Beach.

Harvard is restoring the swank apartment occupied by Franklin Roosevelt during his undistinguished Harvard years, as a tribute to our last beloved depression fighter. The university has his sink and pull toilet, but everything else will have to be guesswork guided by FDR’s letters home and contemporary material.  In the spirit of the Roosevelt Era, a fabulous dinner will be served in hopes the downtrodden benefit eventually, by example, or something.

What role if any his Harvard years played in Roosevelt’s political evolution is unclear, but at some point he developed enough self-awareness that he could laugh at his own class, and “welcome their hatred.”   The university seems to want to grab what it can of our exciting new era of the common man.

FDR, Fellow Scribes

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