The Bush Library: More Fluffing, Fewer Facts

Size Matters  bush-library-time-of-great-consequence.jpg

The George W. Bush Presidential Library has yet to announce a design or break ground, but it has already grown by 20,000 square feet over the last 18 months.  The Dallas Morning News reports the behemoth is now planned for 207,000 square feet “akin to an average Wal-Mart Super Center.”  That is twice the size of Bush Senior’s library, and only 60,000 square feet short of the Reagan Library, which holds Air Force One.

It’s an ever shape-shifting object.    Fundraising for the complex is going poorly, and the library/museum parts are shrinking by 5,000 square feet even as the Fantastic Freedom Institute continues to swell. The hoped for legacy enhancer will now fill 66,000 square feet, up from the 40,000 planned in 2007. 

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