The Conservative Path To Power: Making [Up] History

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“It is to the eternal glory of the American nation, that the more hopeless became their cause, the more desperately the Southerner fought”

– Churchill

The Washington Post this President’s Day gives us hints at the parties would-be roads to power, and if the Republican portrait is accurate we won’t be seeing them for a good long while.

The Democrats continue to parade about as cut-rate New Dealers, seeing one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished, and vowing to get around to that.

The Republicans are the fun bunch.  I assume the Post reporters here are faithfully paraphrasing Republican emissions, because actual reporting might call them into question.

“Rep. Eric Cantor (Va.), the House minority whip who led the fight to deny Obama every GOP vote for the plan, is studying Winston Churchill’s role leading the Tories in the late 1930s, a principled minority that was eventually catapulted into power over the Labor Party. “

Where to begin with this mulch-pile of myth?

“A principled minority:”

Churchill spent the late thirties on the outs with his Conservative Party leadership, but the party held a parliamentary majority until being crushed by Labour in 1945. If by leading you mean making speeches while out of power, he did.


Perhaps this is the catapulting:

Churchill returned the Tories to power in 1951, but on the basis of an election in which Labour received more than a million votes more than the Tories.

Meanwhile, the Churchill bust on loan from Britain which graced the Bush Oval Office has been shipped back by Barack Obama.

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