Abe Lincoln’s Birthday: Harley Relevant?

One Nation, Duel Exhaust    lincoln-the-circuit-rider-custom-harley-davidson-abraham-lincoln-presidential-museum.jpg

American’s strange compulsion to man-up presidents by linking them to motorcycles opens an exciting new chapter in Springfield, where somehow it was felt appropriate to display an Abraham Lincoln Harley Davidson.

clinton-art-of-the-chopper.jpg This year has already seen the now sadly closed Art of The Chopper  exhibit at the Clinton Library.

George W. Bush posed on a motorcycle for bush-2004-campaign-bike.jpg  the 2004 campaign,

for the traditional  bush-on-harley.png Harley factory tour,

and in Indonesia for some reason. bush-motercycle-indonesia-2006.jpg

Bush invited the Rolling Thunder cavalcade to the  bush-with-rolling-thunder-vest.jpg  White House and proudly donned the leather vest, joining their crusade to save America’s somehow still missing POWs through, um, riding motorcycles.  rolling-thunder-vietnam-memorial.jpg

But don’t worry, it’s not all choppers and babes.

Lest we lose this potential presidential teaching moment, the 2004 Bush bike features the Preamble to the Constitution on the tank, and the Lincoln bike features “replica shackles ‘representing the issue of slavery’).”

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