Reagan Remembrance Rejected: Those Who Dared

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Madison Wisconsin’s Capital Times has taken a Reagan Legacy Project’s press release, “localized” it,   and loosed it upon an unsuspecting public.

The shocking headline?

Doyle doesn’t sign ‘Reagan Day’ proclamation

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle declined to roll over for the Reagan Legacy Project’s effort to snowball opponents of their glossy memory of Reagan’s presidency.   The Cap Times does source to the Project, but we never hear Doyle’s version,  and the paper swallows whole the Project’s hysterical tone:

“Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle was one of only a handful of governors to deny recognition of the late president “

… when even the Project counts quite a handful, 20 Governors [2/5ths of 50!], as either declining to feel good about Reagan, or being too uninterested* to respond to the Project’s query.


*Including Bobby “New Reagan” Jindal!

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