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David Plouffe: Let The Eagle Soar  american-eagle-democracys-ace-champion.jpg

Barack Obama campaign wizard David Plouffe appears to be following the well worn path of other political advisers: make your name in America, then make a killing advising foreign tyrants on prettying up.

Plouffe is traveling to Azerbaijan to meet second generation oil despot and President Ilham Aliyev.  aliyevs1.jpg  Poppy was a Brezhnev crony and KGB general reborn after the Soviet Union’s dissolution as maximum leader of the Caspian kleptocracy, and sonny Aliyev currently presides, with his fetching wife Mehriban. aliyev-jr-mehriban-aliyeva-jackets.jpg

It’s a land of enchantment.  At home the Azerbaijanis enjoy  aliyev-heydar-statue-with-tykes.png    a cult of personality built around former President Heydar Aliyev and fixed elections,  aliyev-azerbajan-elections-for-kids.png while abroad the Aliyev’s enjoy collecting pictures of themselves with world leaders from Bushes   aliyev-bush.jpg          aliyev-bush-jr.jpg to Clinton aliyev-clinton.jpg  to  Belorussian Strongman    Alexancer Lukashenko.aliyev-mehriban-aliyeva-presents-a-souvenir-to-belarus-president-alexander-lukashenko.jpg


Hiring Plouffe would be a step up for the Aliyevs.   A previous thrust for swankiness entailed renting out Mount Vernon to try and link the Father Of Their Country to George Washington, an event graced by the presence of Bush family Consiliari James Baker.



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