The Last American Cowboy [He’s Not What Bush Thinks]

Present At The Creation Of Ignorance     

Its a race to the exits.

As the George W. Bush Administration flogs its chosen narrative of pluck, grit & determination, it’s only hours until Bush goes into would-be Truman mode.

Even as they head out, the  Bush Administration boldly proceeds as though everything is on the square.  A perennial theme going back to his 2000 campaign was a line Bush lifted from a  Methodist hymn, “A Charge to Keep.”


The song provided Bush’s campaign autobiography title [written with Karen “I’m A Mom” Hughes], and the White House  recycles it again in recent talking points distributed to buck up departing cabinet secretaries.

Above all, George W. Bush promised to uphold the honor and the dignity of his office. And through all the challenges and trials of his time in office, that is a charge that our president has kept.

While The Getting Is Good     
Bush’s charge keeping has taken the bizarre form of promoting a painting he displays in the Oval Office, which he insists is named  “A Charge To Keep” and depicts a Methodist circuit rider.  This despite untold articles refuting his claim.

white-house-ask.jpg  The White House “Curator” goes along with the story on a very special episode of  “Ask The White House,” assuring Meagan of Oro Valley Arizona that…

“President Bush selected for the Oval Office works that depict his native Texas. One special painting he selected as “A Charge to Keep”, a scene of Western riders that inspired a book he wrote. He always talks to guests about this painting that is loaned from a personal friend.” 

The White House even posted video of Bush talking up his story. bush-expounds-on-meaning-of-charge-to-keep.JPG

Now the inevitable Presidential Library Oval Office recreation will promote this stupidity through the ages.

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