Reagan’s City Upon A Hill Gets Crowded

There Goes The Neighborhood!  reagan-cornerstone-neighbors.jpg

In a further sign of the  Reagan coalition’s fracturing, a Semi Valley evangelical church is using the Reagan Library’s presence in a protected green belt as reason to let the church build there too.

reagan-cornerstone-map.JPG  The Cornerstone Community Church and Eternity Bible College’s property is just down hill from the Reagan Library, and would be in the flight path of the Reagan Museum’s Air Force One, were it to launch.

The Church is proposing to build  reagan-cornerstone-conceptual.jpg an outdoor amphitheater/sanctuary for 3,000, a gym where a thousand sweaty Christians can work it for the Lord, and parking for 2,000 – but with “Eco-friendly “grass-crete””!

reagan-francis-chan.JPG  Cornerstone  is headed by dude/pastor Francis Chang, whose oddly compelling headless videos litter the denomination’s site. reagan-cornerston-headless-francis.JPG

The church’s previous bush with fame was when Eternity Bible College theology student Lisa Lewolt competed on “reality show” degrade-athon  farmer-takes-a-wife-cast.jpg “The Farmer Wants A Wife,”  in which hardened city gals competed for the affections of a Missouri rube.

Tragically, Lisa lost out early.   farmer-takes-a-wife-lisa-lewolt-milking.jpg

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