Bush: Failure Forever!


The Joke That Keeps On Giving  bush-at-computer.jpg

As we’ve long since tired of, mischievous Internet pranksters of yore gamed it so that Google and other searches for “miserable failure” brought you to George W. Bush’s White House bio.

Never ignoring a crisis, Team Bush responded.  Ineptly.

Crudely summarizing the analysis at searchengineland.com, the Bush = “miserable failure” Google-bomb threat was defused  in a way that left all future administrations vulnerable.

Bushies hoped to eliminate the threat by killing the Google-bomb’s targeted page, but instead they planted a new threat to the White House’s Internet presence.

…they had to do a redirect. Too many people had bookmarked the former address of the biography. But rather than redirect to the new biography page, they choose to point at the page used by all US presidents — Bush currently, Obama next and future presidents to come.

Now every president can be a “miserable failure!”

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