Laura Bush: A Toll To Tell

The Hard Shell  bush-laura-mask.jpg

The New Yorker reports the latest on the effort to flog Laura “The Nice One” Bush’s tell-some memoirs, which has involved a series of publishing greats trekking to the White House to meet the Fightin’ Librarian before they sign up.

One publisher says it isn’t going well.


“I considered it the worst, or the most frustrating, meeting of its sort that I’ve ever had…But she really couldn’t have been nicer.”

And the hoped for softer side of Team Bush?

 “You got the sense she’s just like him.”

Others share the gloom:

“everyone was totally underwhelmed by her”

And as in so many Laura updates,  novelist and biographer-in-all-but-name Curtis Sittenfeld [American Wife]

goes for the kill:

“Sometimes when people share their thoughts it’s sort of disappointing.”

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