Facts On The Ground: The Strange Courtship of Princess Diana & Bill Clinton

 clinton-stamp-dagestean.jpg        Together Forever!        diana-stamp-dagestan.jpg

Mr. President is doing his part to crash the Clinton Foundation web site, joining the aggrieved and the whimsiclay curious in pawing through these givers to the greater good of Bill Clinton.

As so many have cautioned, early trawling has been limited by the slowness of the site when it functions at all.

Amidst the proud donations of our Middle Eastern allies, some other curiosities appear.

Why does the public University of Florida appear among the $50-100,000 donors?

In the loftier one to five million donor band is a “Presidential Inaugural Committee” [left over 1997 money?] and the Princess Diana Memorial Fund.  The latter might be a pass through for some common project on AIDS, although there is no mention of one on the Fund’s site.

The two big haired Nineties personalities do share an interest in cluster bombs: he dropped them in and about Kosovo,  and her foundation attempts to clean them up.


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