Little Bush To The Big D

Back ‘N Flat!      dallas-credits.jpg

Long hinted, now we know: it’s back to Dallas for the George W. Bushs! The featureless plains of Texas and it’s sprawl will be graced by both home, ranch and Presidential Library after Bush’s retirement.

Never Call Retreat   bush-home-dallas-on-high.JPG

The then former President will join two other Sons of Texas who returned after troubled Washington tenures.

bush-paige-rod.jpg  One shipped back to Texas was Education Secretary Rod Paige, who faced allegations of faking Houston graduation rates before going to Washington, and who spent Department funds on illegal propaganda for “No Child Left Behind.”

bush-alphonso-jackson.jpg  And proud Dallasian Alphonso Jackson served as Housing & Urban Development Secretary until his favoritism and pay for play faux pas brought him low.

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