Lincoln: Never Call Retreat?

History Varmints!  civil-war-leaders.jpg

The Lincoln Studies blog downplays the New York Times story on a Lincoln commemorative issue of American Heritage running Confederate tchotsky ads.

Eric Foner and a writer for the special issue are suitably outraged, but the Lincoln Students are rather relaxed.

“How many Confederate-themed items are available at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum gift shop?  I’m not absolutely positive, but I bet you could buy a rebel flag if you wished.”

lincoln-2museum-confederate-flag.JPG  Actually, a year ago you could buy this Confederate trinket from the Lincoln Library, but not currently.

The problem with this is the dilution of knowledge such commercial crap can only further, the 21st century version of the post-war reconciliation where everyone agreed to be heroes, do down the blacks, and build the empire.   civil-war-reconciliation-cuba.jpg  Fudging up facts, and that great sin in the eyes of neo-cons, relativism, ends us up with bad history, and in schlock.

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