Bush: Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

Still Got It!   bush-s-shocking-last-days.jpg

Being on this ship reminds me of when I went to the USS Abraham Lincoln and they had a sign that said “Mission Accomplished.” I regret that sign was there. It was a sign aimed at the sailors on the ship, but it conveyed a broader knowledge. To some it said, well, Bush thinks the war in Iraq is over, when I didn’t think that. But nonetheless, it conveyed the wrong message. So, there are things I’ve regretted.”

Bush speaks aboard USS Intrepid  bush-intrepid.jpg

An improvement over blaming sailors for a banner created by his staff and lined up perfectly with camera positions, but “had a sign,” and  “that sign was there” ain’t exactly owning up.

Happy Accident   bush-mission-accomplised-thumbs-up.jpg


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