Reagan vs. Roosevelt: Which Dead Guy Lost It For The GOP?

Rough Ride Into The Sunset bush-roosevelt-t-painting.JPG

The knives are out in the Republican Party, with losers plunging them deep into the rotten corpses of two GOP icons.

Continuing the pursuit of necro-nostalgia exemplified by primary campaign genuflection to the garments, airplane and widow of the sainted Ronald Reagan, the party faithful are choosing up sides over which long dead leader can somehow resurrect the party.

The Heritage Foundation’s Conn Carroll speaks for those somehow betrayed by real existing conservatism:

“Big government, national greatness, George Bush/Teddy Roosevelt style conservatism lost Tuesday…There simply was no limited government Reagan style conservative for Americans to vote for in yesterday’s election.” 

Looking for thoughtful answers,  Maureen Dowd went boldly went in search of those careful conservatives so beloved in Our Nation’s Capital.  She went the extra mile, going the extra office over to interview fellow Times columnist David Brooks, who likes it Rough Yet Battery Powered:

” The party will need a leader to strike out in a new direction, a fiscally conservative president more like a high-tech Teddy Roosevelt. ”

They might start with re-insuring the safety of food. sinclair-jungle.JPG

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