Eisenhower: The Trouble With Kansas

From Action to Proximity  john-brown-mural.jpg

The Kansas City Star’s Brian Burnes is digging deep in the Eisenhower archives, and oh the treasures he’s found.

little-rock-norman-rockwell.jpg  The Kansas native who reluctantly sent federal troops to integrate Little Rock schools is held up as a civil rights pioneer. The evidence:  Ike wrote letters, and location, location,location!

1. Eisenhower stormed the margins of polite opinion.

“Correspondence also indicated that Eisenhower wrote to Billy Graham and asked him to provide feedback about current and future race relations.”

And who better than Billy “Stranglehold” Graham to discuss prejudice?

2. As a child, Eisenhower was, once, sometime, somewhere near “minorities” of unknown derivation.

“A picture of Eisenhower from his 1909 graduating class shows two minorities, which Burnes said is an indication that Ike, even at an early age, did seem to have a feeling about other races.”

Feeling is healing!

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