LBJ Gets Visitors!

Return To Yesteryear!  johnson-doll.JPG

“Mills of the gods”  visits the opened to the masses and gussied up Johnson Ranch outside Austin,  and comes away whimsically impressed by the old monster’s lair:

“The newly opened office brought back a flood of memories of mid-sixties furnishings and decorations. God but it has hideous. They had to tear up a very nice room to bring it back to the schlocky state Lyndon had left it in. Cheap paneling, a large T.V. built into the wall, crummy portrait of the homeowner , phones with six lines, hunting knife, everything but the head of a deer… Here were the tools of his domination of the Western world for five years. Here were the telltale signs of the Texas farm boy from Southwest Texas State Teachers College, overcompensating so that he could overcome in his own mind the fact that he was not like a Kennedy.”

The enduring weirdness of past greats is of course our endless obsession at Presidents”R”Us.  True LBJ completests should check out a brief-lived but commendable effort at Minor Tweaks, where an impressive collection of Johnson oddities was accumulated in a short period.

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