Rebuilding Bush In Exile: The Experts Speak!

His Destiny, The Stars!  bush-dance-2.jpg

Portfolio looks beyond today’s election headlines towards next January, when Mr. 25% takes his sad self back to Texas.

The magazine talked Bush image restoration with all the PR greats, and Jerry Della Femina.   Their advice ranges from sitting on his ass in Crawford in order to somehow restore his best-guy-to-have-a-beer-with image, to the wildly brain-dead: assaulting Americans in the midst of their television viewing.

“He needs to start campaigning again like a good ol’ boy. For instance, Jon Stewart makes fun of Bush’s dance moves. Bush should go on Dancing With the Stars, not as a contestant but maybe for a quick cameo.”


Previous efforts along this line took the President to Deal/No Deal, without visible effect.

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