A Gerald Ford Legacy: Newest Victim of the Bank Meltdown?

Priced [Not] To Move    ford-on-the-move-time-cover.jpg

Gerald Ford property speculator Kevin Hayes appears to be one of the silent victims of America’s unfolding banking tragedy,  as Wall Street’s giant sucking sound diminishes the supply of marks willing to pay $15 million so they may walk the pool tiles where Gerry trod. ford-colorado-pool.JPG

Hayes has been trying to unload Ford’s former Colorado ski property since June.  It’s only been shown to four qualified buyers, and he is trying increasingly desperate efforts to recapture that Ford Era magic.

With the materials at hand, Hayes paints a portrait of the great man in retirement, at work on his memoirs:

Ford had a habit of rocking back and forth while writing, and so Hayes had the construction workers preserve a portion of the floor where the chair left grooves.”

Sadly, Ford published his autobiography in 1979, four years before the house was built.

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