Richard Nixon’s Communist Sympathies

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The release of grand jury testimony in the prosecution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg has strengthened the case that she was convicted on perjured testimony by her brother and sister-in-law, and allowed everyone with a piece of the hot Red Spy action to step forward.

Richard Nixon speaks from the grave to offer his [sort of] condolences for the federal government lying in order to whack only the second woman in US history.

If I had known–if we had known that at the time–if President Eisenhower had known it, he might have taken a different view with regard to her. In other words, tainted evidence, even though a person is totally guilty, is a reason to get him off.


The late red-hunter’s consoling belief in Ethel’s guilt might have been undermined by knowledge the prosecution invented Rosenberg  typing documents passed the Soviets.

Nixon stayed strong.

I understand why it was done. And let us understand–Mrs. Rosenberg was guilty. This wasn’t a case of somebody not guilty going to the chair.



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