Obama=Nixon: Palin Hack Attack Cover-up Lowdown

If Jokes Could Track?  obama-nixon.jpg

The Coltons Point Times is unafraid to link the Palin email breakin to the toxic legacy of the Nixon era, breathlessly inquiring if Obama did it.  

The evidence:  lack of original thought, and statements of the obvious:

“In watching the various liberal media outlets comment about the stolen emails they used almost the exact words as Obama campaign representatives dismissing the seriousness of the theft and turning attention to the fact Sarah Palin had a private email account. Then insinuating she must have had the account to hide things from the State of Alaska. How stupid is that? Nearly everyone in America has a private email account including most members of the media…Why did the liberal media and the campaign spokespersons have the exact same script? Why did they raise the exact same issue? Why weren’t they outraged by the invasion of privacy? And why did they keep looking at the emails in their possession? If the Obama campaign was involved in the theft or any of these following actions it is the most serious breach of faith possible to the American public and would only demonstrate that a secret agenda must be driving them, one called Big Brother, where the right to privacy will no longer exist.”

Faith in CPT’s iron logic is, shall we say, undercut by his nut-ball flair. His searing indictment starts out”Privacy in America is guaranteed by the Constitution… ”

…when of course all true sons of the soil know this “right” was invented by Supreme Court Marxists to allow the proliferation of filthy birth control devices.

We shall await the results of the federal criminal investigation.”   Watch the skies!

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