Mr. Reagan, Give Them Back Their Wall!

Communism Point & Click berlin-digital-wall.jpg

So little is left of the Berlin Wall that Reuters reports authorities have resorted to handing tourists a GPS powered device if they want to recreate that closed in feeling.

We know where the Wall went: vast chunks carried off to America for victory displays. Prime offenders are Presidential Libraries, which are cluttered with the stuff.

Let’s review:

George H.W. Bush has a cheesy salute to Berlin bush-berlin-wall-horses.jpg and all things Texan outside his museum, and indoors bush-sr-berlin-wall-indoors.JPG Wall as well. And Bush Secretary of State James Baker got a berlin-wall-rice-university.jpg chunk for his Rice University Institute.

Ford has a piece, ford-berlin-wall-piece.JPG although the Wall rested undisturbed throughout his presidency.

nixon-berlin-wall-2.jpg Nixon too.

Kennedy saw it built on his watch. kennedy-berlin-wall.jpg

The Hoover Library has a Wall piece, hoover-library-berlin-wall.jpgalthough he barely lived long enough to see it built, three decades after his presidency.

Truman hosted Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech at Westminister College in Fulton Missouri, and the campus now hosts both a plain chunk berlin-wall-westminister-colleg-fulton.jpg and a Wall “sculpture” – a piece with holes punched in it by Churchill’s granddaughter. berlin-sculpturebreakthrough.jpg She also sold one of these horrors to the Roosevelt library.

The greater glory of Ronald Reagan requires the most concrete, with Wall samples at his Dixon Illinois reagan-berlin-wall-dixon.jpg birthplace, alma mater reagan-eureka-berlin-wall-at-the-reagan-center.jpg Eureka College, at the federal Reagan reagan-berlin-wall-reagan-building.jpg office building in Washington, aboard reagan-berlin-wall-uss-reagan-bronze-on-berlin-wall.JPG the USS Ronald Reagan, reagan-berlin-wall-reagan-ranch-office.jpg at the Reagan Ranch Center, and at the Reagan Library indoors reagan-berlin-wall-indoors.jpg & out. reagan-berlin-wall-outdoors.jpg

And they used to sell bags of chips.

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