Old Farts

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Bill Bennett’s making things up again, and this time he’s not explaining what a “whale” is to impressionable youth.

True to his conservative ideals, Bennett is working with the past, plucking colorful anecdotes in service of, ah, something.

Bennett’s latest scam unfolds in his “America: The Last Best Hope, Vol. II” describing a Ronald Reagan photo op with Queen Elizabeth.


This big ball ‘o corn inspired the gullible enthusing: “God I Miss Ronald Reagan.”

reagan-queen-horses.jpg Horse Scents

Hearts will broken when the story is revealed to be a fraud, and not a very fresh one.

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A mild Googling turns up a 2004 version set in Kentucky. The always suave Jim Baker retailed it on Fox in 2006, undeterred by it’s past attribution, also false, to the first President Bush. One sign of just how tired the tale has become is that it made it into Rich Little’s justly mocked White House Correspondent’s Dinner performance.


On the same book page as the fart tale, Bennett has Reagan as the first US President to address the British Parliament [he did not, he spoke elsewhere to some members].

For the same 1982 occasion Bennett re-enrolls owen-labour-poster.jpg David Owen in the Labour Party, a year after he’d huffed off to found and fail with the Social Democrats.

No, Backward Step! britain-social-democrats.jpg

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